The importance of nature to me is reflected in my art

Photo of Me

Tuuli Oikkonen is a 29 years old  visual artist and art educator from North Ostrobothnia, Kempele. She has studied Education and History of Art (2011-2017) at the University of Oulu . After completing her Master of Education Degree she started her Master of Art studies at the University of Lapland, majoring Art Education. She held her debut exhibition in Rovaniemi in March 2018. Now she has had four exhibitions since. Tuuli Oikkonen works at the primary school and keeps art courses beside making her own art. The themes that Tuuli Oikkonen explores through her art are reflective and current. At her art one can find socially-minded side. Having lived all her life in Northern Finland it has affected in her art – you can find the weight of long lasting darkness, the miraculous of nightless night and the variation of four seasons.

I’m interested in how a person acts and why. How different life situations affect us and how we react to them. How different feelings comes and how we deal with them. The importance of nature to me is reflected in my art - in technical choices, organic forms and expression. The most important techniques for my expression are the various techniques of painting (watercolor, acrylic and oil), various art graphic techniques, photography and ceramics. I like to think that the piece I’m working chooses its own technique - there is no point limit yourself in one. I am very emotional and temperamental person, which is why the working periods are often project-based and intense. My work is momentary, I rarely plan my work. Through the works I try to convey emotions, experiences and thoughts that I have had. Still I think that the fineness of abstract art is that the artwork is like a mirror - it reflects every viewer's own experiences and thoughts. And of course can help one to see familiar things from a new perspective. I’m a major consumer of different arts and therefore my projects are usually frequently interdisciplinary art. In my opinion the forms of different art nourishes each other. Therefore the result is often more multi-dimensional than if stayed only on one art form. Tuuli Oikkonen, 4th of June, 2018



Oncoming Exhibitions

Art Room Gallery "Open" online exhibition

Past Exhibitions

Usva/savu w/Rita Junes, 17.10.-31.12.2018, Voimala 1889, Oulu

Process of Change IV 4.-16.12.2018, Galerie Pleiku, Berlin

minä. 16.8.-28.9.2018, Kolo Lounge, Oulu

Process of Change III 3.-21.10.2018, Galleria Kajaste, Helsinki

Process of Change II 9.-27.5.2018, Galleria Kajaste, Oulu

Process of Change 13.-28.3.2018, Galleria Kilo, Rovaniemi

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